Holistic Family Support Services

Virtual Support - NCS Consultation

Have questions? Speak with a Newborn Care Specialist. We are here to assist you with any newborn care questions.
Rates - $50.00 per 1 hour call

Overnight Care - Newborn - 6 Months

A Night Nanny is a non-medical assistant who provides care for newborns or babies throughout the night hours while the family is at home.

The Night Nanny works with each family individually to determine their particular needs. Some of the Night Nanny's services will be performed include.

  • Care for all the needs of newborn/ baby  - feeding, soothing, diaper changes, comforting. 
  • Nursing families can have the baby brought to them for feeding or provide pumped bottles to be used.
  • Light household duties such as laundry, dishing, and washing pump parts or bottles can be done while the family sleeps.
  • Help establish a feeding and sleep schedule that best suits the family's needs.
  • Sleep conditioning plans are available to families starting at 4 weeks of age.
  • Any other agreed-to duties between the night nanny and family.

Rates  & Contracts 
Contracts are available 1-5 nights a week for 1-12 weeks.

Weekdays - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday - 10 pm - 5 am or 
11 pm - 6 am
Singleton -  $175.00 a night 

Twins -  + $250.00 a night

Weekends - Friday & Saturday - 10 pm - 5 am or 
11 pm - 6 am
Singleton- $225.00 a night 
Twins - $300.00 a night 

I Have Experience with Preemies And Multiples.