We are excited to announce we have partnered with TBS Medical to provide Mommy Care Kits to as many of our mommies as possible.

Click the link below to watch a video on what is available to you in the Mommy Care Kit

See if you qualify for a Mommy Care Kit...Covered by most private insurances...click below;
URL: http://myultrasoundappt.com/mother/PlacentaRemedies

Breastfeeding Support 

Milk and Honey Breastfeeding Services - 864-565-8646
Sarah O'Rourke - CLC, IBCLC 

Clever Baby - Holistic Feeding & Parenting Support - 864-363-7932
Taryn Gibson - IBCLC - Spartanburg

Nourished Integrative Lactation and Wellness - 864-757-4951
Meredith Holman Wetzel - MA IBCLC

Chiropractic Care

Love & Light Family Chiropractic LLC. - Spartanburg
Dr. Kay & Anthony Abied

Dreckman Family Chiropractics - Simpsonville
Dr. Jared Dreckman

Holistic Healing - Family Chiropractic and Wellness - Greenville
Dr. Chelsea

CrainoSacral Therapy